Automatic Rigging and Reshaping Software


Rig your 3D scan created by photogrammetry or a depth sensor. Use your own rig or skeletal hierarchy.


Animate your character using your own motions or in your game engine.


Export your rigged character to use in any modern game engine, such as Unity or Unreal.


Deploy the rigged characters on social media, V\/R, A\/R, games, virtual try-on and many more.


Run the autorigger on your local machine or in the cloud.


Use the autorigger in batch mode for automatic processing of rigged characters without any human intervention.

Automatic rigging for your 3D scans in seconds


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What does the rig look like?

You can create any input rig that you like and the autorigger will output a rigged character to your specification.

Can I export the reshaped models as blendshapes?

Yes! The reshaped models (fatter, thinner, taller, etc.) can all be exported as morph targets/blendshapes of the original mesh.

Can I embed this software in my application/game/cloud service?

Yes, we can arrange for an Enterprise license that allows you to put the software anywhere that you want i

Does this rig the face as well?

No, we are not automatically rigging the face with blendshapes, although that is an awesome idea…

How does the reshaping work?

We apply a statistical model against your rigged character and modify the mesh according to real human data. This allows you to visualize what that person would look like under differing conditions (fatter, thinner, more muscular, etc.)

What is the topology of the rig that your software generates?

The same topology that you input. If, for example, you input a 200k vertex model, our software will output a 200k vertex rigged model.

Can I monetize the rigs by using the results in my game/application or by selling 3D media?

Yes, with our Enterprise license.

Can I use this for a virtual try-on application?

Yes, but the software does not provide a clothing simulator. However, the models are compatible with game engines or other 3D simulators that have clothing engines.

How do I get the autorigger?

Contact us at info@embodydigital.com