Record your voice. Animate your avatar. Express yourself in A/R.


Our app allows you to record your voice then automatically create an animated, expressive avatar in A/R that augments your words with nuance and emphasis.

Available now for iOS on the App Store:


Go into augmented reality! Express your avatar in an environment that is unique to you. Interact with your avatar by gazing at the environment. Talk to your avatar. Record the video and share it on social media platforms.

iPhoneX users can use the TrueDepth sensor to mimic their own faces in addition to making the avatar act out what is said.

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Expression beyond words.

You can tune your animation by specifying the emotion (happy, sad, angry, etc.), the intensity, and even communicate with nuance such as sarcasm. The avatar will use it’s entire body; face, eyes, gestures and the synchronicity of movement and speech that people use during conversational face-to-face communication. Add gestures that give your expression meaning: airquotes, thumbs up, pointing and more!