An AI-driven talking avatar. From a spreadsheet. No coding required.

Your AI from a spreadsheet.

Enter the questions and answers for your expert to answer using only a Google Sheet spreadsheet. Your avatar will automatically respond to the answers that you specify as well as talk and gesture automatically.

Add expressions and emotion.

You can add expressions, emotions and mood to your AI-driven character by tagging the answers. For example you can add:

[happy] I'm glad to help you!
[sad] I'm very sorry to hear that.
That's a great idea [sarcastic] not!

Build your own avatar

Use a selfie or a picture of someone else to build and dress up your own avatar. Your avatar is branded as the person that you want them to be.

No coding required.

No coding or developer is needed. You control how your avatar expert responds through a spreadsheet, and control its responses with your answers and emotional markup. The information automatically gets loaded into the mobile app.

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