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A/R Avatar Director app now available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Our A/R Avatar Director Beta app is now available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This app allows you to communicate with more than just text or voice. You can create an expressive, animated avatar that moves according to the content and emotion of your voice automatically and then generate your own augmented reality content by putting your avatar in A/R. Go beyond mere emojis and animated stickers, and communicate with the nuance and emotion that comes with a face-to-face conversation.

Express yourself. In A/R.

Go into augmented reality! Express your avatar in an environment that is unique to you. Interact with your avatar by gazing at the environment. Talk to your avatar. record the video and share on social media platforms.

Available now for iOS on the App Store:

Available now for Android on Google Play

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Puppet your avatar, express your own unique style.

iPhoneX users can use the TrueDepth sensor to mimic their own faces in addition to making the avatar act out what is said.

A platform for the next generation of chat, bots and AI.

Embody Digital’s 3D technologies allow for the creation of digital avatars for communication and commerce, including games, virtual try-on, virtual reality, social media, AI, bots and natural language interfaces.

SaaS platform for AI and bots

Transform text- or speech- based AI into a fully embodied conversation for embodied personal assistants, customer service agents, data collection or entertainment.

Automatic lip sync to speech

Turn speech or text into accurate visual speech/lip syncing.

3D facial scanning

Generate photorealistic 3D facial scans from off-the-shelf sensors and scanners.

Automatic generation of blendshapes from 3D facial scans

Automatically generate blendshapes from a set of 3D facial scans. Blendshapes allow you to animate the 3D face and use it in a virtual environment.

Automatic rigging and reshaping

Automatically rig and body scan generated from a body scanner so that it can be used in a 3D virtual environment. Automatically add articulated hands and fingers to the body scan so that the 3D character can communicate and express more effectively.

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