Embody Digital presents:

UBeBot app for Android

Embody Digital is pleased to announce the rollout of a beta version of UBeBot!

Avatarize youself, talk and act out what you say, go into A/R, create videos and share.

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AR Avatar Director app for iPhone

Go into augmented reality! Express your avatar in an environment that is unique to you. Interact with your avatar by gazing at the environment. Talk to your avatar. record the video and share on social media platforms.

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The AR Avatar Director is available now for iOS on the App Store:

An AI-driven, branded interactive character for your website, app or kiosk

As businesses are automating their customer interactions, a branded, embodied agent allows your customers to interact with a human-like interface in place of text- or voice-based interfaces. By leveraging your AI and information systems, you can retain the efficiencies of automation while providing a natural interface to your customers.

Our SDK allows you to create an AI-driven, branded, interactive character for your app, website or kiosk.

For customer service, health care, hospitality, point of sale, attractions, and many other markets.

Contact us at info@embodydigital.com for more details.

Automatic Rigging and Reshaping

Automatically rig your 3D scans from a scanning cage or scanning device. Animate in game engines, online or for social media.

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Embody Digital Wins 2018 Best Technology Award

Embody Digital has won the 2018 Best Technology Award at the 2018 Visual 1st Conference in San Francisco, October 23rd, 2018.

A quote from Judge Andy Kelm:

“We found that Embody Digital stood out among a very competitive group of technology-oriented entrants. Not only is the Embody technology novel and innovative, but we also found it to be extremely timely given the significant interest and investment going into AR and VR. We see a wide range of commercial options from skins & emotes in gaming platforms to B2B opportunities like Amazon Sumerian, and we look forward to seeing what the Embody Digital team does next.”


Our customers are companies that use Embody Digital’s character and avatar software to build consumer-facing products that use augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and chat. Including:



Hanson Robotics


We are a team of experts in artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer animation, and human behavior with over 50 years combined experience building interactive AI-based virtual human systems for the military, industry and research.

Ari Shapiro, Ph.D., CEO

25 years in software and expert in digital humans. Former visual effects and video game industry, including Industrial Light & Magic and Rhythm & Hues Studios, LucasArts. Dot-com veteran. PhD UCLA 2007.


Anton Leuski, Ph.D., Head of AI

Expert in conversational artificial intelligence and machine learning. PhD UMass 2001


Stacy Marsella, Ph.D., Behavior Scientist

World expert in computational behavior modeling, body language, and affective computing.


Avi Sharabi, Head of Strategy and Commercialization

Proven tech executive with deep experience in technology and digital initiatives. Former Senior Partner of Deloitte.


Evan Hirsch, Advisor

Previously creative director at Microsoft Labs and Surface teams, previous head of visual development for EA Worldwide Studios.


Randy Adams, Advisor

Former CEO and CTO of eight venture-backed technology companies. C-Level positions at Adobe, Yahoo, and Home Shopping Network.



Winner – 2018 Best Technology Award, Visual 1st Conference, San Francisco, CA October 22-23rd, 2018

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