Avatarize yourself, talk, create, go into A/R. Share.

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Create an avatar from a photo.

Create an avatar from a photo of yourself, or choose a photo of someone else!

Customize your avatar.

Change your hair style and color, shirt, pants and shoes.

Act out what you say

Make your avatar talk and act using only your voice.

Record your voice and your avatar will act out what you say using body language, gestures and facial expressions. Our AI automatically creates an animation that reflects the content, emotion and tone of your recording.

Craft your animation by specifying intensity, emotion, or by specifying gestures that get to the heart of what you are saying.

Go into A/R

Put your avatar into your own environment. Make your avatar interact with your world by gazing, talking, pointing.

Control your avatar by touching the screen – your avatar will look in that direction.

Make your avatar walk to different places in your environment by switching into movement mode and then touching the place to walk towards.

See it in action!

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Download the app on the Google Play Store Get it on Google Play