Pandorabots and Embody Digital team up for "Bot Battle"


Pandorabots, Inc. and Embody Digital are proud to present the Bot Battle – a live, streaming back and forth chatbot ‘battle’ between Pandorabots’ Mitsuku and Facebook’s recent open source BlenderBot chatbot. Mitsuku is a five time winner of the Loebner Prize Turing Test (a world record) for most human-like conversational AI.

You can watch it here:

The Mitsuku chatbot, or ‘Kuki’ and responds to the requests in real time, with almost zero latency relative to comparable open-domain chatbots with multi-billion parameter models from Google, Facebook, and OpenAI.

The BlenderBot chatbot is powered by Facebook’s BlenderBot.

The chatbots are embodied as virtual characters / digital humans, and their nonverbal behaviors and movements are generated automatically in near-real time by Embody Digital’s patented behavior platform. The nonverbal behaviors are all timed with the content and sentiment of the speech.

We believe that this combined platform gives you the best of chatbots and the best of 3D autonomous embodiment performance, and a glimpse at the future of embodied Conversational AIs.


Press Release: Embody Digital reveals patent to power digital humans with AI


Innovative software developed by Embody Digital enables digital humans and robots to communicate like real humans through A.I. at scale.

Los Angeles, CA. Embody Digital has just announced that they hold exclusive rights to a patent that will revolutionize the A.I. (“artificial intelligence”) industry. The patent (invention number: US9721373B2) produces automatic generations of avatar and robotic behavior, including movements, speech, and emotional responses.


Embody Digital a finalist in the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Innovation Challenge

Just $49 For Lifetime Access

Embody Digital team was a finalist in the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Innovation Challenge with a goal to “build an AI character that can have conversations with individual viewers, listeners or consumers.”

The Embody Digital finalist entry was an interactive, AI-driven newscaster driven by by a mobile device that would read the headlines then allow the news consumer to ask as many or as few questions as they wanted about the news item.

You can see a demo of the news platform.

See the NAB press release.

Embody Digital collaborates to allow MND sufferers to speak through avatars


Embody Digital collaborates to allow MND sufferers to speak through avatars

Dr. Peter Scott Morgan, like Stephen Hawking, has ‘terminal’ motor neuron disease (MND) and will soon be unable to speak or respond physically to others. But he had his voice cloned into a synthetic text-to-speech voice, and his face scanned to produce a 3D digital likeness of himself. And now, using the same assistive technology system that Stephen Hawking used, will be able to engage in conversation through text and power his avatar with emotion and expression through Embody Digital’s automated performance system that animates the head, face and lips from simple text and emotion tags
Peter describes this as part of becoming ‘Peter 2.0’, and is an ongoing project with numerous collaborators, including Cereproc, Intel and others.

You can see a video or check out the Scott Morgan Foundation, or read the article.



Embody Digital collaborates with Hanson Robotics on Hanson AI conversational platform for Sophia


Hanson Robotics collaborated with Embody Digital to integrate the Hanson AI conversational platform and custom-designed animations with Embody’s patented automated performance system, to enable Hanson robots to automatically instantiate naturalistic arm gestures based on the content and emotional tone of their utterances. The integration advances Hanson robots’ communication skills, bringing them a step closer to the way humans communicate with each other nonverbally.

Read our blog about how to make robots and avatars more human-like .

Embody Digital wins Best Technology Award at the Visual 1st Conference


Embody Digital has won the 2018 Best Technology Award at the 2018 Visual 1st Conference in San Francisco, October 23rd, 2018.

A quote from Judge Andy Kelm:

“We found that Embody Digital stood out among a very competitive group of technology-oriented entrants. Not only is the Embody technology novel and innovative, but we also found it to be extremely timely given the significant interest and investment going into AR and VR. We see a wide range of commercial options from skins emotes in gaming platforms to B2B opportunities like Amazon Sumerian, and we look forward to seeing what the Embody Digital team does next.”



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