An AI-driven avatar in minutes from a spreadsheet. And no coding.


Embody Digital's platform works with any Android device and supports conversational AI from any of the following:

Google Sheets spreadsheet, Google DialogueFlow, IBM Watson, RASA, Pandorabots or Facebook's BlenderBot.

Enter the questions and answers for your expert to answer on the spreadsheet and the avatar will talk, gesture and speak your answers automatically. Create any avatar that you want using only a selfie or a picture or someone else.

Download AI Expert on the Google Play Store:

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Pandorabots, Inc. and Embody Digital are proud to present the Bot Battle – a live, streaming back and forth chatbot ‘battle’ between Pandorabots’ Mitsuku and Facebook’s recent open source BlenderBot chatbot. Mitsuku is a five time winner of the Loebner Prize Turing Test (a world record) for most human-like conversational AI.

See the press release and watch the battle on

Software for the automatic avatar/character animation from text or speech

Automatically animate a 3D character, avatar or robot solely from a text- or voice- signal. The animation includes lip syncing, emotional expression, head movements, saccadic eye movements, body gestures and synchronized body movements that reflect how people communicate. 

This allows conversational AI systems, such as chatbots, Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, RASA and any other text-based input to be automatically embodied and animated in near real time.

Utterances can be marked up using inline tags in order to change the performance according to emotional tone and content:

[happy] hello, nice to meet you.

[sad] I’m very sorry to hear that. [happy] But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

[sarcasm] That’s a great idea, not!

More information can be found using our Behavior API

Please contact us at if you are interested in this platform.

Autorigger and Reshaper

Embody Digital's Autorigger and Reshaper will automatically rig your photorealistic 3D scans.

Use your own rig or skeletal hierarchy.

Animate your character using your own motions or in your game engine.

Deploy the rigged characters on social media, V/R, A/R, games, virtual try-on and digital fitness.

Find out more and get the software here



UBeBot lets you create a 3D avatar of yourself or someone else using only a photo. Record your voice and your avatar will act out what you say!

Put your avatar in augmented reality (A/R), record a video and share it with your friends. Express your avatar in an environment that is unique to you.

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AR Avatar Director

AR Avatar Director allows you to record your voice, indicate your emotional tone, and generates an 3D animated avatar that speaks and emotes through the use of body language automatically. You can create an animated emoji that expresses with nuance and emphasis the way that people do when they talk face to face.

Go into augmented reality! Express your avatar in an environment that is unique to you. Interact with your avatar by gazing at the environment. Talk to your avatar. record the video and share on social media platforms.



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Latest News and Press


Bot Battle

Pandorabots and Embody Digital team up to create a Bot Battle between Mitsuku and Facebook's BlenderBot.


Embody Digital's patent

Embody Digital reveal it's patent for generating nonverbal behavior automatically from text or voice.


Avatars for MND Sufferers

Embody Digital collaborates to allow MND sufferers to speak through there own avatars even when they can no longer physical speak themselves.