1. What can this app do?
    You can record your voice then automatically animate your avatar, then show your avatar in augmented reality, record it to video, and share it with your friends.
  2. How do I make the avatar speak?
    Press the microphone button then speak for up to 20 seconds, your words will be transcribed and your avatar will speak them.
  3. How do I use the augmented reality feature?
  4. Press the A/R button.
    ios: wave the phone around to get the yellow dots, the avatar will appear. Click, hold and drag the avatar to reposition it. To scale the avatar, double click on the avatar then pinch gesture.
    Android: double click to place the avatar in the middle of the screen, then double click again to reposition the avatar. To scale the avatar, click on the double circle icon (upper left) then pinch gesture.

  5. The transcription doesn’t look exactly right. Can I fix it?
    Yes, you can fix the text that corresponds to your words which will make your avatar speak your words more properly and act them out in a more meaningful way.
    iOS: slide up the transcription drawer
    Android: click on the transcription box
  6. Why aren’t the lips aren’t moving for some words
  7. Some words aren’t in our dictionary, so the avatar doesn’t know how to pronounce them. We’re continually adding words so that the avatar will become more intelligent over time.

  8. Can I change my avatar’s size?
  9. ios: double click on the avatar under he/she moves up and down, then pinch to scale
    Android: click on the double circle icon (upper left) then pinch to scale. Long press on the double circle icon to restore the avatar’s size to it’s original value.

  10. What do the emojis do?
  11. The emojis allow you to change your avatar’s emotional expression. You can annotate the emotion in front of any word, then change the emotion. For example, you can start with happy then switch to angry, or start with surprised, then to angry, then to sad, and so forth. The emotion will remain on all the words until it is changed.

  12. What does the performance intensity do?
  13. It makes the character gesture and perform with a higher intensity, including gesturing more energetically and more frequently.

  14. What is the archive?
  15. The archive contains all of your past performances. You can recall and replay your past performances whenever you want using a long press on the play button.